Directed by Stephen Cafiero



18 min









Nowadays, what would a humorless society, without second degree look like? What would happen if, in this austere reality, a man started laughing? Life goes on: children are born, people die, and a lot of things happen in between. But this society has a little special something, it doesn’t know laughter. No one has ever laughed, derision, second degree, all that doesn’t exist. Until the day when a neuropsychiatry doctor is immediately conscripted by the army to examine a patient who has a strange particularity: he laughs. He even has a sense of humor.

His facial deformities and his incoherent comments frighten the highest authorities, especially considering the fact that it seems highly contagious. The man is quicly shut in a bunker with the doctor who must cure him so this «scourge» doesn’t spread throughout the population...

But then, the contagion proceeds, and even though the patient is confined to imprisonment, the doctor leaves with the «virus» out in the open.

Cast & Crew

Alexandre Astier, Carine Pichonnat, Simon Astier
Stephen Cafiero
Damien Morisot
Emmanuel Turlet
Sound design & mix:
Sylvain Rety, Sylvain Roux
Romain Vissol, Théophile Collier
Zeynep Gizem De Loecker, Nathalie Lapicorey
Production Company:
Partizan Films

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