The Manchador

Directed by Kaveh Tehrani



20 min


Iran Norway






Mina and Saeed live a stressful life in the Iranian capital, Tehran. Being a woman in Iran is not particularly easy and Mina sees a future for the family elsewhere. She wants to move abroad, but Saeed then invents a device that places the responsibility for the hijab where it belongs – with the men whose gaze women need protection from.
The Manchador is a satire about life in modern day Tehran, seeing, our senses, and spirituality.



  • The Norwegian Short Film Festival • Audience Award
  • Leuven International Short Film Festival
  • Bergen International Film Festival


  • Aspen Shortsfest • Youth Jury Award
  • Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival
  • Helsinki International Film Festival
  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival
  • Interfilm Berlin

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Reza Brojerdi, Narges Rashidi, Jasmin Tabatabai, Sarina Ashkpour, Mohammad-ali Behboudi
  • Script:Kaveh Tehrani
  • Cinematographer:Adam Wallensten
  • Editor:Kristoffer Archetti
  • Sound design & mix:César Fernández Borrás (set), Adrian Baumeister (mix), Nora Siebe (design)
  • Music:Javid Afsari Rad
  • Producer:Verona Meier, Ruben Thorkildsen
  • Production Company:Ape&bjørn
  • Co-production Company:Zebra Kroop

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