The Last Marriage

Det sista Äktenskapet

Directed by Johan Tappert, Gustav Egerstedt


Black comedy , Horror

16 min








A few years after the zombie disaster, Marie’s and Janne’s biggest worry isn’t so much about getting their brains eaten. Instead, the threat is now, quarrels about housework and a boring sex life. The couple survived the apocalypse, but what about their marriage?


World première at Tribeca Film Festival, winner of the Silver Méliès Award at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival


A comedy about how everyday life continues even after the global zombie apocalypse has struck - BIFFF



  • Tribeca Film Festival
  • Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
  • Fantaspoa Film Festival
  • Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival • Silver Melies Award
  • Palm Springs International Shortfest

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Emma Molin, Christopher Wagelin
  • Script:Johan Holmström
  • Cinematographer:Kenneth Ishii
  • Editor:Theo Lindberg
  • Sound design & mix:Frippe Jonsäter
  • Producer:Carl Molinder, Dominique Kaireus, Richard Björlin
  • Production Company:Paroll Collective Ab

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