Nuit Debout

Directed by Jean-charles Paugam


Comedy , Drama

17 min









Paris, one night in April 2016. Franck has been kicked out by his best buddy after squatting at the latter's house for months. After desperately trying to find a place to stay, he has only one solution: pick up a chick in the hope that she'll take him back to her place. Fortunately, there's Tinder! Unfortunately, there is an all-night demonstration underway!



  • Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival | National Competition

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Pierre Lottin, Benoit Hamon, Pénélope Rose-lévêque, Maureen Gardien
  • Cinematographer:Eva Sehet
  • Sound design & mix:Rodrigo Diaz, Géraud Bec
  • Producer:Martin Berléand
  • Production Company:Triade Films

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