Happy Birthday


Directed by Basile Charpentier


Comedy , Drama

19 min









Pascal leads an isolated life in the deep Corsican countryside. On his beloved son's birthday, with three pennies in one pocket, his love and good will in the other, Pascal mounts on his moped accompanied by his dog and sets out to find a birthday present.

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Philippe Rebbot
  • Script:Basile Charpentier
  • Cinematographer:Nicolas Bordier
  • Editor:Baptiste Ribrault
  • Sound design & mix:Laurent Blahay
  • Music:Pocollectif, Julien Deborde
  • Producer:William Rougier, Bruno Tiranti, Jumes Pottier, Swann Riemain
  • Production Company:Hybrid Films

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