Catcave Hysteria

Tjejtoan 4-ever

Directed by Angelika Abramovitch


Comedy , Drama

20 min






Swedish English



A friendship is at stake when love comes in the way. A hurtful conversation is overheard. Two sisters bond brakes when a bloody secret is revealed. The Girls Bathroom - it’s a place full of conflict that forces the truth to the surface. But is at the same time forgiving and accepting.



  • Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival | International competition
  • Regard – Saguenay International Film Festival

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Asta Kamma August, Camila Bejarano Wahlgren, Doreen Ndagire, Emma Broomé, Tina Pour Davoy, Vivi Laakko, Klara Hodell Risberg
  • Script:Agnes Jeppsson
  • Cinematographer:Malin LQ
  • Editor:Tove Lindblom
  • Sound design & mix:Tove Lidman
  • Music:Javad Safari
  • Producer:Hawa Sanneh
  • Production Company:Stockholm University of The Arts

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