You're Dead Helen

T'es morte Hélène

Directed by Michiel Blanchart


Drama , Fantasy , Romance

24 min


Belgium France







Maxime, a young man in search of stability, is literally haunted by the ghost of his girlfriend Hélène, who died recently. Wishing to put an end to this unhealthy situation, Maxime finally decides to break-up with her. Helen doesn’t seem ready to accept the decision.


Shortlisted for the Oscars 2022



  • Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival | National Competition
  • Uppsala International Short Film Festival
  • Sapporo International Short Film Festival
  • Leuven International Short Film Festival
  • Bogotá Short Film Festival – Bogoshorts
  • Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival • Best Short Film
  • Indie Lisboa | Mouth of Madness
  • Brussels Short Film Festival
  • Odense International Film Festival | International Competition
  • Trouville Off-Courts
  • Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival Of Catalonia • Best Short Film


  • Palm Springs International Shortfest • Audience Award Best Live-Action Short

Cast & Crew

Théophile Mou, Lucile Vignoles, Maïlys Dumon
Michiel Blanchart
Production Company:
Daylight Films, Formosa Productions

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