The Story of My Life

Toute ma vie

Directed by Pierre Ferriere


Drama , Fantasy

6 min









Alessandra is walking in the city when she is hailed by a man she doesn't recognize. Even though he keeps telling her about important moments of her life, his face remains totally unknown to her...



  • Flickerfest International Short Film Festival • Best Short Film
  • Palm Springs International Shortfest • Future Filmmaket Award

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Caterina Murino, Vincent Desagnat
  • Script:Pierre Ferriere
  • Cinematographer:David Quesemand
  • Editor:Carlo Rizzo
  • Sound design & mix:Vincent Cosson
  • VXF:Nicolas Boutruche
  • Producer:Alain Grandgerard, Stephane Caput, Pierre Ferriere
  • Production Company:FIVE2ONE

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