The Prey

La Proie

Directed by Thibault Lafargue, Romain Lafargue



17 min









While hunting in the forest with his dog, a man accidentally kills a young boy. Hearing someone approaching, he decides to run away...

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Hervé David, Olivier Banse, Hadrien Boulme Alberti
  • Script:Thibault Lafargue, Romain Lafargue
  • Cinematographer:Fabien Drugeon
  • Editor:Jonathan Lago Lago
  • Sound design & mix:Sandy Notorianni, Samuel Aïchoun
  • Music:Adrien Buenas
  • Producer:Jules David, Mehdi Haddou
  • Production Company:Ladybirds Films
  • Co-production Company:Lalilulelo Productions

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