The President and the Crossing Keeper

Le président et le garde barrière

Directed by Jean-marc Peyrefitte


Comedy , Drama , Historical

18 min




Color, Black and white





May 24th, 1920. Deep in the forest, somewhere in France, Mister Radeau, a crossing guard who has known many misfortunes in his life, finds on his doorstep a man in his pajamas who claims to be the President of the French Republic, Mister Paul Deshanel. For three days the crossing guard hosts him at his house… Three days during which France was searching for its President.

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Jean-luc Vincent, Patrick D’assumçao, Iliana Zabeth, Marie-elisabeth Cornet
  • Script:Jean-marc Peyrefitte, Marc Syrigas
  • Cinematographer:Gilles Piquard
  • Editor:Fred Dabo
  • Music:Olivier Dérivière
  • Producer:Jérémy Zelnik, Tancrède Ramonet, Camille Gentet
  • Production Company:Dibona Films
  • Co-production Company:Pan-européenne

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