The Hitch-hiker


Directed by Julien Paolini


Crime , Thriller

19 min









A deserted road on the edge of the swamps. In the mist, an American carr knocks down a cyclist. A couple in the car and a lifeless body on the asphalt. When a hitch-hiker appears, not enough time to get rid of the body, the man clumsily puts it in the boot. They couple allow the hitch-hiker to join them. But what did he see exactly? Doubt overcomes them. Playing on the ambiguity of the situation the hitch-hiker squats their trip, their holiday and then their life. Playing with one and then the other as it pleases him, the hitch-hiker will not let the couple come out of this intact.



  • Colcoa French Film Festival in Hollywood


  • Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia | special screenings

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Annelise Hesme, Bernie Bonvoisin, Hugo Becker
  • Script:Boris Vian
  • Editor:Nicolas Larrouquere
  • Music:Alexis Rault
  • Production Company:Nolita Cinema
  • Co-production Company:Affreux, Sales & Méchants

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