Directed by Luc Walpoth



26 min








In 2061, following a virus that decimated half of the world’s population, humans are compelled to take a daily vaccine making them sterile. To cope with their incapacity to give life, couples buy young androids who grow up with them.
Amy, a loving mother is forced to terminate her only daughter, a dysfunctional 13- year-old android. Deeply affected by this emotional void, she loses track of the reality she lives in. Her husband Christopher desperately tries to comfort her but Amy’s craving for motherhood pushes her to take in Sophie, a wandering, flesh and bone gutter kid. When Chris finds out, a violent clash follows, forcing Amy to choose between the child and her husband.

Cast & Crew

Carole Brana, Jérôme Robart, Evaëlle Brocard, Luna Hofmann
Luc Walpoth, Klaus Pas
Frank Van Vught
Serban Georgescu
Alexandre Iordachescu
Production Company:
Elefant Films
Co-production Company:
La Voie Lactée, Turbulence Films, Sapristi Studio

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