Directed by Marie-Sophie Chambon


10 min









7-year-old Loïs shares the same dream than every other girls : being a princess. One day, her father takes her to a costume store, where she discovered with amazement a marvelous Cinderella dress. While she tries it, she realizes that with her little belly, she is far from her dream...

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Ludovic Berthillot, Daphné Rousseau
  • Script:Marie-Sophie Chambon
  • Cinematographer:Brice Pancot
  • Editor:Julie Lena
  • Sound design & mix:Mathieu Vigouroux, Sylvain Lambinet
  • Music:Amaury Bernier
  • Producer:Céline Chapdaniel, Diane Jassem
  • Production Company:Koro Films

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