Pipo and Blind Love

Pipo et l'amour aveugle

Directed by Hugo Le Gourrierec


Drama , Romance , Science-fiction

13 min








In a dehumanized world where emotions are rationed and measured by a gauge, Pipo, a factory worker falls in love with a woman sitting on a bench. He will try anything to attract her attention and seduce her with his own « language ».



  • Cinefantasy International Fantastic Film Festival • Honorable Mention
  • Prix Unifrance
  • Macau International Short Film Festival
  • Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival
  • Festival International du Film Francophone de Tübingen | Stuttgart
  • Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival
  • Hollyshorts Film Festival
  • Kaohsiung Film Festival
  • Festival International du cinéma d’auteur de Rabat
  • Izmir International Short Film Festival
  • San Diego International Film Festival

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Anatole Zangs, Solange Fréjean
  • Script:Hugo Le Gourrierec
  • Cinematographer:Vadim Alsayed
  • Editor:Joris Laquittant
  • Sound design & mix:Antonin Guerre
  • Music:Laurent Faessel
  • Producer:Igal Kohen
  • Production Company:Iko
  • Co-production Company:Ellabel Production

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