Luz Nocturna

Directed by Kim Torres



14 min


Costa Rica


Color, Black and white




Ale, a seventeen-year-old woman, lives in rural Costa Rica with her two younger siblings. Through landscapes fueled by silence, resentment, and brief moments of joy, Ale will try to protect them from the seething truth, that their mother has left them and is not coming back.


Première at Cannes Film Festival.



  • Cannes Film Festival | Short Film Competition
  • Guadalajara International Film Festival

Cast & Crew

  • Cast:Melissa C. Pérez, Valentina Chinchilla Pérez, Arturo Gael Chinchilla Pérez
  • Script:Kim Torres, Luisa Mora Fernández
  • Cinematographer:Mel Nocetti
  • Editor:Mauricio Esquivel, Adriana Ramírez Meza
  • Sound design & mix:Gabriela Rivas Feoli
  • Music:Rogelio The Iiird
  • Producer:Alejandra Vargas Carballo
  • Production Company:Noche Negra Producciones

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