Counterfeit Kunkoo

Directed by Reema Sengupta



15 min








In a city that houses millions, Smita finds herself fighting beasts of a different kind as she discovers a strange pre-requisite to renting a house in middle-class Mumbai.
She would make an ideal tenant - except for one glaring flaw. She is a middle-class Indian woman without a husband.
An intimate perspective on the ‘ideal Indian female’ in urban India.


Screened at Sundance and at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival


‘Counterfeit Kunkoo’ is a narrative drama set in Mumbai that speaks about housing discrimination, marital rape and reclaiming one’s sexuality. - Reema Sengupta



  • Seattle International Film Festival
  • The Porto Alegre Screenwriting Festival • Best Scene
  • Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles • Grand Jury - Short Film Special Mention
  • Indie Street Film Festival • Best Narrative Short
  • Hudson NY Shorts Festival • Best of Festival
  • Pow Film Fest
  • West End Film Festival
  • The Norwegian Short Film Festival
  • Brooklyn Film Festival • Best Narrative Short
  • Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia | Best Actress
  • Sundance Film Festival | Official Selection
  • Palm Springs International Shortfest
  • Mooov Festival
  • Aspen Shortsfest
  • Atlanta Film Festival
  • Regard – Saguenay International Film Festival
  • New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam • Best Female Filmmaker
  • DC Independent Film Festival
  • San Francisco Independent Film Festival
  • Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival | International Competition

Cast & Crew

Kani Kusruti, Vijay Varma
Reema Sengupta
Harshvir Oberai
Sound design & mix:
Prashant Nayar
Kunal Punjabi

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