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A film by Magaajyia Silberfeld

Genre(s): Comedy / Drama

• Theme(s): Encounters / Family / Identity

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Festival(s) & Award(s)

  • 2018: Mammoth Film Festival - Downtown Urban Arts Film Festival


Rachel is a young woman living with her Nigerien uncle and his American wife. When her aunt has had enough of Rachel's free- spirited lifestyle she kicks her out of the house.
Rachel's quiet-spoken uncle, is given little say on the matter, and she is left to figure things out on her own. It's not long before she runs into Skeeter, a washed- up movie star whose life, she finds out, is surprisingly similar to hers.
Together, they decide to "play a part" in hopes of both getting what they both need.

Technical Specs

  • Runtimes: 16'
  • Color(s): Colors
  • Country(ies) of production: Niger / France / United States
  • Original Language(s): English
  • Audience: General Audiences
  • Format(s) available: ProRes HD

Artistic & Technical Crew

With: Danny Glover, Robert Ri'chard, Kimberly Durdin, Magaajyia Silberfeld
  • Cinematographer: Alexander​ ​ Bergman
  • Editor: Elias Borst-Schumann
  • Music: Joachim​ ​Polack
  • Producer: Magaajyia Silberfeld