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A film by Stéphan Castang

Genre(s): Drama / Science-fiction

• Theme(s): Future / Medecine / Old people

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  • Stéphan Castang


    Born in 1973, Stephan Castang alternates between acting, writing and directing. In theater, he now runs with Francois Chattot ( Folie Courteline ) . He also acts for Benoit Lambert (Enfants du siecle, a two part play) and works with the company l'Artifice as an actor (Nam - Bok le hableur, creating 2009, Geneva ) and as a playwright (Lettres d'amour de 0 a 10, Moliere's young audience 2005). He directed Jeunesses Francaises ( Berlinale, 2012 Generation), Service Included (2014), End of the Campaign (2014) and Pantheon Discount (2016).


Festival(s) & Award(s)

  • 2016: SESIFF Seoul International Extreme Short Image and Film Festival | Official SelectionBest Film
  • 2016: MECAL Barcelona International Short Film and Animation Festival
  • 2016: Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival | Official SelectionStudents jury award, Audience award
  • 2017: Palm Springs International Shortfest


In 2050, a machine has replaced medicine : the Sherlock.
A kind of super scanner that not only diagnoses but also heals depending on the patient’s means.
Doctors have became financial advisers who propose health insurances and... more or less drastic solutions.

Technical Specs

  • Runtimes: 15'
  • Color(s): Colors
  • Ratio: 1,85:1
  • Sound: 5.1
  • Country(ies) of production: France
  • Original Language(s): French
  • Subtitle(s) available: English
  • Audience: General Audiences
  • Format(s) available: DCP / HDCAM / ProRes HD

Artistic & Technical Crew

With: Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Martine Schambacher, Sébastien Chabane, Christian Delvallée, Anne-Gaëlle Jourdain
  • Screenplay: Stephan Castang
  • Cinematographer: Jean-Baptiste Moutrille
  • Editor: Stephan Castang
  • Sound: Emilie Mauguet
  • Producer: Karine Blanc & Michel Tavares

Company Credits