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By The End of the Week

Una semana


A film by Andrés Gómez Tovar

Genre(s): Drama / LGBT / Thriller

• Theme(s): Crime

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By The End of the Week

  • Andrés Gómez Tovar


    Director/Cinematographer/Producer with 14 years of experience in media. He's completed studies at Escuela TAI de Madrid and EICTV in Cuba. He began working as an assistant director for renowned Colombian and foreign directors and directors of photography. Later on he began directing and shooting his own commercials, as well as short films, documentaries, experimental videos, web content and music videos. 

    2015: Félix
    2019: By the End of the Week
    2019: Frilos (Pilot)

Festival(s) & Award(s)

  • 2019: Odense International Film Festival
  • 2019: Oaxaca Film Festival


Love is complicated; so is betrayal. There are many difficult questions to ask yourself in your soul’s darkest hour. But there is only one simple rule to follow when you have finally decided to get rid of your wife’s lover: make sure you find a hitman who is not the chatty kind.

Technical Specs

  • Runtimes: 12'
  • Color(s): Colors
  • Sound: Stereo
  • Country(ies) of production: Colombia
  • Original Language(s): Spanish
  • Subtitle(s) available: English
  • Audience: General Audiences
  • Format(s) available: ProRes HD

Artistic & Technical Crew

With: Jhon Álex Toro, Juan Manuel Oróstegui Díaz, Carlos Carvajal
  • Screenplay: Andrés Gómez Tovar, Boris Abaunza Quejada
  • Cinematographer: Santiago Cortés
  • Music: Nicolás Ángel
  • Sound: Sebastián Tarquino

Company Credits

  • Produced by: CAMARADA
  • Coproduced by: Vueltas Bravas Producciones, Diletante