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Au Sol


A film by Alexis Michalik

Genre(s): Drama

• Theme(s): Plane / Social issues

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Au Sol

  • Alexis Michalik


Festival(s) & Award(s)

  • 2014: Montreal World Film Festival | Official Selection
  • 2014: Sacramento French Film Festival | Official Selection
  • 2014: FICBUEU Best Editing, Best Actress


Evelyne has to fly to London unexpectedly to go to her mother's funeral. But, as she is about to embark, she can't find her newborn baby’ ID… This is the beginning of a long day’s struggle, as gruelling as it is absurd, against the unbending rules of administration. Until she comes across Stephanie, a young ground hostess, who's used to obeying orders automatically. Still, at the sight of this powerless young mother confronted by bureaucracy, Stephanie discovers what means most to her: her humanity and her will to fight. "Grounded" tells the story of these two women whose paths just happen to cross, of these two destinies that converge, but mostly, of their fight against the absurdity of the system.

Technical Specs

  • Runtimes: 19'
  • Color(s): Colors
  • Country(ies) of production: France
  • Original Language(s): French
  • Format(s) available: Bluray / DCP / Digital Betacam / DVD

Artistic & Technical Crew

With: Stéphanie Caillol, Evelyne El Garby Klaï, Anne LOIRET, Cyril Guei